– он проще, чем русский. Есть устойчивое мнение, что английский язык очень сложный, для его изучения нужны особые способности...
Читать далее...
В чём наш секрет?
Чтобы выучить английский быстро и навсегда, нужно учить его последовательно. Бессистемное и хаотичное обучение не приведет к результату...
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Одна из главных причин, почему изучение языка идёт медленно и не приносит желаемых результатов – отсутствие языковой среды... Читать дальше...
В жизни перед нами не возникает таблички с выбором «True» и «False», нам не даются варианты ответов и не предлагают вставить пропущенное слово... Читать дальше...

Уникальная методика быстрого изучения английского языка в Love English Club:
Английский простой
Убираем языковой барьер
Английский как образ жизни
Шаг за шагом: От простого к сложному
Не важно, 5 лет ученику или 50: чтение вслух текстов на занятии – это воровство времени, которое можно вложить в что-то полезное, например, в разговор...Читать дальше...

Распределяем нагрузку приоритетно
Определим ваш уровень английского
Расскажем о нашей методике и гарантиях
Составим план достижения вашей цели

листай (нажми на отзыв)
Юлия Киселева
Why did I come to Love English Club? Why have I chosen this English school? I want to pass an IELTS. It is my goal. Lately , l have been dreaming about it. I believe that this school's approach is the best way to prepare to the IELTS . There are a lot of beneficial reasons to study English. Firstly , I find travailing amazing.

The English is international language. Many people speak English. I want to have an opportunity to speak with foreign people. Secondly , I want to listen to music and watch films. Moreover, the studying English gives chance to change your life. The new abilities and skills will be able give to you a lot of advantages. Perhaps, you will be able to get a good job in the international company. Probably , you will be able to move to other countries.

The studying English makes me feel confident. At the moment, I can not tell that something have changed in my life. Lately, I have been thinking why I have not studied English before? I have lost a lot of time. If I had thought about possibilities which gives knowing English when I was an younger girl I would have go for it. I guess that I have everything ahead!
Алексей Грешилов
I came in English school "The Love English" because this school teach people very fast. There are the very best teachers especially "Pavel" in this school. In this school a good ambience and administrations. I began to learn English because it need me to enter nice work and also to cool travel in the world. Also I want easy talk to with people different countries. I study English for fourth month and my result is good. In my life since start learn English change nothing because I don't use it in my life. But I already began to understand more English words and I can a little talk to someone. I during all my life seem that I can't normal talk English, but this my dream, the biggest dream. I always wanted to learn English, but is school us taught very bad and boring, I seem that I hated English but when I came in institute I understood that this language very important in our life
Павел Алтунин
Hi, I'm Pavel and I just want to describe my experience in LEC. I have always had some troubles with self-education and motivation, so my mother decided to pick a foreign language school in our neighborhood, that's how my several years journey began. LEC's teachers motivated and educated me. This way I got huge knowledge in the foreign language field, such as indistinguishable from foreigners accent, grammar rules, vocabulary, and ability to understand and have conversations with foreigners.

Knowing English even on a basic level is important for everyone without any exceptions.
Татьяна Костарева
The first I always wanted to know English as many people want to ride bike or to swim well. The second I need to know English for my work. I learnt English at the university, then on different courses. Those courses were like lessons at the university and I didn`t have a good results. I thought to look for a school with other methodic. I liked a format of our school so I am here. I understood in our school that I am able to learn English and not to feel «the bad child», as my English teacher onetime said in the university. I am not boring on our lessons. We talk constantly. I like to learn English grammar. I like comparing words, which I hear same. Questions began to appear which I didn`t use to have. It is my progress. I think English is an excellent hobby on many years and It will open me new horizons of different areas my life.
Юлия Горелик
Hello, my name is Julia and I've always loved to learn English. In the kindergarten, at school. But I wanted to speak English free, and my mum and I knew that there is a cool school "Love English Club". And some of my mates went there. So we chose this one. I study in LEC now and I passed the pre-intermediate exam. In the future I want to travel a lot (and of course knowledge of English will help me I it). I may go to university abroad. I don't know how I'll need English in the future, but now I enjoy of learning it in LEC.
Екатерина Спиридонова
English is the most widely spoken language in the world. it is spoken by dozens, hundreds and thousands of people all over the planet! There are also those who learn English, because it is not their native language. These people study it in order to communicate freely with people from different countries, in order to know the words of songs and books. Someone wants to be able to read in English, and I am sure that it will be useful to him, and someone has decided to study, live and work abroad at all. Also, learning English helps to develop thinking, which is why parents so often hire tutors for children and in the future a child can achieve good results in life and understand what he wants and how to use English for his own purposes!
Никита Кайдаш
There were two reasons I came to Love English Club, the first it is my teacher Alexei. At the very beginning when my father brought me there, it had been his desire that I learn English. And exactly Alexei made me take up English seriously and he made me love English, but one day we separated by destiny, I was hoping against hope that we would meet again and I would continue my study and it happened. The second is the methods of studying, they appear to me efficient, a conversation during the entire lesson in English seemed to me unreal before I started learning, but it is real and it matches your level of English and no one requires more than you can.

The reason I learn English is obvious but despite it, I suppose, it is а prudent decision because a lot of books are written in English and some books I fancy to read are exactly in English.

There is no doubt that learning English changes something. As for me, I got a notebook to write down new words and an electronic book to read, I am immersed in reading Harry Potter and the next my unreached aim so far is «The lord of the rings» that as the god standing at the top of the flight of steps. The main change is that I can have a whale of time when I learn English.

I have reached the intermediate level and I have read one book from the Harry Potter series in English at present. I have increased my vocabulary but of course it is still not so large as I wish it would be.

Nevertheless, I want to make an attempt to achieve enough vocabulary to read books freely, finish the intermediate level and keep going further, read «The lord of the rings» and I want to be good at listening.