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Наталья Максимова
I was inspired to learn English by my travels abroad and communication with foreigners. At school, I was not interested in learning the language. But when I began to travel, I felt a barrier in communicating with people from different countries, because I did not know English. I if you know English you can talk with people from different countries! Wnen you Know English it is like unite you with the world.

I love the process of learning English, I feel how my brain develops and I don't want to stop. LoveEnglishClub gives a lot of grammar, gives various interesting opportunities in learning English, this is not just a school, it is a school with constant updating and improvement.

Teachers help you to set goals and emphasize exactly what you need in English. It's a great alive process! And it's very amazing to feel like a part of this process.

I and my husband found LoveEnglishClub closest to our work and home. We liked everything there: the interview, the teachers, the development of the school. They always do something new! And they develop the school in different directions. Later we found out from friends that this school is the best in Krasnoyarsk. But we never doubted it! My husband and I have invited foreigners from Belgium and took them to LoveEnglishClub for our lesson it was awesome! The school is very versatile in its approach to learning.

You can follow the school on Instagram and find many interesting broadcasts, even with foreigners, who provide high-paying jobs and an interesting approach to getting into the company. Of course, everything is in our hands. I choose this particular school because it is a constant progress.
Елена Быханова
Что значит для меня школа Love English Club?

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

All my life I've wanted to get knowledge. In my childhood I was interested in History of ancient Egypt, Space and a lot of other things. In the second grade I began to learn English. I was chuffed. It was a wonderful language. This language seemed harmonious, slight and I dreamed to be a translator. But… my teacher left my village and my English was finished.

I try to learn English a lot of times, but it was in vain. I couldn't find normal textbooks, online-lessons and others. I understood that I couldn't be good specialist without knowledge of English, because all fresh articles and textbooks on English. When I was 20 years old I decided to change my life. I became to look for an English school. LEC school was near my house. I liked pattern of class, textbooks and my teacher.

I learn English a year. And I see my incredible progress. Earlier I didn't believe that I can speak English. But now I can talk about a lot of things. I read new medical articles, books, watch cartoon on English. I want to continue my education.

Thank you Love English Club for possibility to be better!
Денис Максимов
When i was in school my interest to English language was on very low level. That situation continuous at university until i finished it. I still don't know why but inspiration english language started to grow after my english classes (at university) was over.

I tried to read some interesting text and i found up that i can understand some words. And that time i wanted to learn more. I even tried to read whole english book with a dictionary of course, but that was very hard. I was looking at learning lessons on the internet but some part information slipped pass me.

And later me and my wife found english school " Love english club". We were attracted that we can attend lessons together without other students. And now we are attending lessons for several years. A lot of thing was changed and improved during that years. Our level of knowledge about english language is growed up, we managed to speak with foreigners abroad and in Russia.

We want to continue learning further, increase our lever. We dream of communicating with foreigners without hesitation, watching TV series in the original even without subtitles, reading texts or books without a dictionary. And we have motivation to do it.
Корчагина Даша
Two years ago, my life turned into a little disaster. I was looking around myself and thinking: "why is this happening?" I've had awful classmates in my own school, toxic teachers in my vocal club and also language school, which I hated because of boringness.

What kind of boringness? Well, it was like punching a wall with a stick. There was a group of ten students, and most of them were as dumb as kettles. In this group, I was a "knowledge leader".

And when my friend told me that there is a school, where you can almost always have private lessons with your teacher, I forced my parents to sign me in.

My main goal about English is to learn it well, so I can live in foreign country and also get an education. Nowadays, I use English to watch movies and musicals in original voice overs, read books and novels, and of course, to study.

I think my English got better after a year of studying here, that's why now I can speak it almost fluently. Exceptions are some rare and complicated words, but I'm working on it. That's happened because of the structure of our educational process, where we talk almost all the time of our lessons.

Now, I don't have that many achievements or scores in this school, but I know that I will have some. And I hope that this place is gonna give me that much knowledge and information, that I can even be an English teacher myself.
Вероника Шевцова
1) Why did I come to this school?

I went to another school, but I missed a lot of classes because the school was bad. So my mother sent me to another school near my house. (Your school)

2) Why am I learning English? Mothers ordered, and her word is the law! That was a joke :)

Actually I study English so that I can do IT better, understand English YouTubers, someday go to Canada.

3) What has changed in my life while studying at school?

A teacher and parents started to praise and wonder.

4) How my English change during school?

Now I know more words, irregular verbs, grammar and fluency.

5) What results have I achieved in our school?

At school (my school) instead of C I get B and I can talk with English gamers in English
Денис Науменко
Hello. this is Denis. Learning English is an interesting activity for me. I am always happy for people who can understand and communicate in English. English is an international language and many people speak it. The best solution is to know what everyone understands. I have been looking for an online English school that I would like for a long time. and finally I chose. my intuition told me that I needed this particular school and teacher. there was a place for me. after I started learning English, life began to test me. there were situations when foreigners approached me and asked me something. They usually find out the address or how to find the right place. But more and more often I can talk about something else. it makes me happy. I like to get to know a person and ask him about his life, work and hobbies. I often write messages to foreigners on social networks. they answer me and we talk a little.

I dream of going to an English-speaking country, and I want to speak only English, even if I am surrounded by people who do not speak Russian. I think it will be a good practice to know English better. In the past, I had the opportunity to talk to people only in English. It was in Thailand. But then I was not interested in learning English. in vain! now I try to read a book in English at every opportunity. read instagram posts in English. watch TV series without Russian subtitles.
Константин Ильиных
Sometimes we leave our country to see the world, to work or just to relax. We see a lot of new things and meet interesting people. I am almost 50 years old, and I often regretted that I could not talk to them about what I was interested in. That's why I want to learn English. I learned about the school from my colleague — he was the first to start learning English, and I remembered my problems.

It's only been six months of my training, and I can not be afraid of simple communication. Over time, I think that I will be able to achieve more, and my trips to other countries will become much more interesting. I will be able to communicate with my colleagues-doctors from other countries, read medical books and articles, work at conferences, and this will be very important for my work.

And if I can understand all my favorite songs in English, then listening to music will become much better !